You are planning a vacation to Orlando with the kids and may have some concerns about what to actually DO with the kids once you get here, right? The Walt Disney World family of parks is mostly a foregone conclusion as is Universal Orlando, but what else is there to do in Orlando? The answer is plenty. Here are a few ways to keep the kids busy and active without necessarily breaking the bank. energetic-kid-3-gatorlandIt’s Gator Time Gatorland has been around since 1949. People growing up in Florida (few, to be sure) remember this as the place to go before Mickey came to town. It’s still relevant today and offers an inside look at Florida’s natural environment. With its thrilling new zip line experience and live Alligator wrestling performances, Gatorland is much more than a zoo. It combines “Old Florida” charm with modern interests. Alligator can even be sampled from the menu for those brave enough to try it but thankfully not from their own population – Phew! This unique experience is quite affordable, well worth the time and will keep those energetic kids begging for more. Hotel Pools Rule! Whether you are staying at a 5 star resort or have something a little more budget friendly in mind, make sure it has an interesting pool. This is far from difficult in the Sunshine State where everyone is competing for your vacation dollars and takes minimal effort to find. Swimming is the single best way to keep your kids active and amused while you either join in the merriment or kick back with a cold drink in one hand and a book in the other. You can recharge while the kids charge on. energetic-kid-4-mcdonaldsFast Food, Not Necessarily Fast At 2 stories tall, “The World’s Largest McDonalds” definitely deserves a look. You have to eat anyway, why not go to a place that is affordable and offers something in the way of entertainment? There is plenty to keep the kids occupied (playgrounds, arcade, redemption center and a serenading “puppet”) while you have an actual conversation with your spouse by the waterfall or the 500 gallon aquarium. Imagine that.  An actual conversation. energetic-kid-2-playgroundPark it Parks are a wonderful way for the kids to burn off excess energy while saving your cash for other things. Orlando has many parks to choose from and Lake Eola Park in downtown Orlando is an excellent one. Once an 80 foot sinkhole, this park on the “lake” offers a fountain, city views, picnic areas and playground equipment. You can even catch a ride on a swan if you are so inclined. Whichever park you choose, get out there and “Park it”. Bike it Many resorts and hotels in Orlando have bike rentals and paths ideal for exploring. It’s a natural way to get some exercise, keep kids video game free and enjoy the Florida sunshine. Hopefully this guide has helped you in your endeavor to find some alternatives to the big parks keep some cash in your pocket and keep those children hopping!